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Not sure what rental is all about?
Nothing could be easier!

Flexible Payment Plans free up your cash flow.
Sometimes, monthly payments  simply aren’t convenient. So we make it easy for you to choose your own payment schedule. Weekly, monthly, every other week–your choice! Yes, we take debit cards!

Credit-Free Renting gives you the chance you deserve.
Ahh, credit. If you don’t have it, you just can’t seem to get it. Here at Prime Time Rentals, we know how to help! We ask for personal references. The people who know you let us know we can work with you. Together, we build your payment history–and then you can use us as a reference!

Full Service and On-the-Spot Loaners give you peace of mind.
With our quality rental products, you may never need repair service. But if you do, you’re covered. Plus, you’ll get a loaner*. No extra charge, either, unlike any retailer.

Free Delivery means you only pay rent.
That’s right. Free delivery on every rental. The only payment you ever make is your regular rent. No big lump sum down, no extra delivery fees or service contract charges. No surprises, ever.

Short-Term, Renewable Contract
Our flexible contract gives you the freedom to choose. You rent for as long as you like. Your contract renews each time you pay–it’s that easy! And you have lots of options with Prime Time Rentals. If you want to end your rental, just tell us–no extra charge.

Need to put your rental on hold for a while? Ask about our Time-Out Program.

Rent, lay-away or buy…The choice is yours!
We have options to spare! Sure, we have a great rental program. But we also have lay-away, 90-day same-as-cash and cash sale options. And yes, we do take credit cards!

Come Into Our Stores!
Browse our extensive catalogs. Let us know what you want. We’re here to make it easy for you to choose your lifestyle!